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Our Strength

Ayala Land, Inc.'s homebuilding business derives its financial strength from its resources and the stability of its parent company.  The Ayala Corporation is known for its financial and organizational strength, its business stability, quality products and services. Its diverse product mix includes insurance, telecommunications, banking, mall operations, commercial buildings, residential construction, and residential real estate sales.  It operates in Philippine and overseas markets.

Ayala Land's organizational strength lies in the competence and professionalism of its people. 

In our products, our quality derives from good planning, high-performance materials fashioned by cutting-edge technology as well as superior craftsmanship and engineering.  Above all, we listen to what the customer wants.

Our market strength comes from our presence in the country from north to south, a product array in three major price ranges offering a wider array of choices for locations, lifestyles, and designs, with the best service.  Behind our products is a revered name synonymous with prestige, quality, value, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

Innovation:  It was Ayala that operated the first mass transit system in Manila -- a tramway.  It was Ayala y Cia. that represented as sole agent in Manila the eminent Eiffel et Compagnie (Eiffel Company), the same company led by Gustave Eiffel which built the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  In the 1920s, Don Jacobo Zobel was involved in the construction of the first steel structural bridge across the Pasig, known today as the Ayala Bridge.  The Eiffel Tower and the Ayala Bridge still stand -- one the symbol of a proud, great city, the other the proud product of a strong, dynamic firm.  Today, we deliver to you houses and communities that marry nature to art and science.  We continue to deliver the future to you.