Amaia Scapes San Fernando

New Barrio Road, Brgy. Calulut San Fernando City, Pampanga

Starting at
₱900,000 - ₱2.5M
Estimated Amortization:

Project Overview

House and Lot Perspective

Fulfil your family’s dream at Amaia Scapes San Fernando, a land and house development strategically located in San Fernando City, Pampanga. It is just a few kilometers from the city proper making life’s necessities within reach.

Nurture family bonding moments with its array of features and amenities. Have a picnic in the patio green, challenge your friend in a basketball game or just take a leisurely walk in the three-lined patio green.

Feel safe and secure knowing that your community is maintain by Ayala Property Management Corporation.


Amaia Scapes San Fernando is accessible through Mc. Arthur Highway and Dolores Road taking New Barrio Road. It can be reached through various means of transportation such as jeepney and tricycle.


Commercial Establishments
  • Coca-cola Corp.
  • San Miguel Corp.
  • Jumbo Jendra
  • Waltermart
  • Our Lady of Fatima University
  • St. Scholastica's Academy
  • Mother Theresa Calcutta Medical Center

Units and Floor Plans

Unit Offerings:

Unit TypeApprox. Floor Area Size in sqm
Approx. Lot Area Size in sqm
Price Range (in Php)
Bungalow Pod
66 - 115
1.28M - 1.60M
Twin Pod
65 - 171
1.04M - 1.78M
Multi Pod - Inner
45 - 46
807K - 817K
Multi Pod - End
65 - 114
993K - 1.42M
Single Home
86 - 197
1.85M - 2.46M
Twin Homes
89 - 236
1.71M -1.91M

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Typical Lot Layout:

Unit Layout and Unit Perspective:

Bungalow Pod

Bungalow Pod

Indoor Floor Area:   30 sqm

Porch: 4 sqm

Total House Area: 34 sqm

Min. Lot Area: 75 sqm

Twin Pod

Twin Pod

Indoor Floor Area:   25 sqm

Porch:3 sqm

Total House Area:28 sqm

Min. Lot Area:65 sqm

Multi Pod

Multi Pod

Indoor Floor Area:   25 sqm end, 25 sqm inner

Porch: 3 sqm

Total House Area: 28 sqm end, 25 sqm inner

Min. Lot Area: 65 sqm end, 45 sqm inner

Carriage Pod

Carriage Pod

Ground Floor Area:   27 sqm

Second Floor Area:24 sqm

Porch:4 sqm

Total House Area:55 sqm

Min. Lot Area:75 sqm

Single Home

Single Home

Ground Floor Area:   30 sqm

Second Floor Area: 22sqm

Porch: 4 sqm

Total House Area: 56 sqm

Min. Lot Area: 75 sqm

Unit Finishes and Features:

Residential Units are designed to enjoy benefits of natural light and ventilation, (generously sized bathrooms, open space layouts, wide open views)

Features and Amenities

  • • Gate and Guard House
  • • Three –lined patio green
  • • Patio Green
  • • Village Patio
  • • Basketball court

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Land Area:

12 hectares/ 120,000 sqm (approx.)

Price Range:

₱870,000 to ₱1.2M

Unit Size:


Available number of Units:

468 units

Property Type:

House & Lot

Unit Offerings:

Bungalow Pod, Multi Pod, Twin Pod, Single Home, Twin Home

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