I remember reading a children's story about a little girl who uses all her money to buy her mother a fluffy down pillow to help her sleep better. But since her money isn't enough to purchase an authentic down pillow, she ends up buying materials and attempting to make her own. When she was ripping off the covers of old pillows, lo and behold, she stumbles upon several hundred pound notes stitched under the covers of them. So the little girl ended up buying several down pillows for her ailing mother and a couple of sweets to reward her own accidental treasure-hunting skills.

Ever since I read that story, I wanted to own a down pillow. No, it's not because I'm banking on the outrageous hope that my down pillow will have a secret stash of cash. I do desire the comfort it lends to the act of slumber, because sleeping is one of life's simple, free pleasures, and it is by sleeping that we get the energy we need to do the things we need to do. Comfort is thus a primary requirement, and few things spell outright comfort as "down pillows."

However, it is quite a widely-accepted fact that each generation is a tad less hardy than the rest. With the advent of newer and faster technology, we also have newer and more lethal sources of pollution-- radiation, smog, battery discharge, an alarming pile of garbage we know not where to dump, oil leaks, etc etc. People get allergic to more and more substances-- ranging from something as typical as cat hair to something as depressing as chocolate, and sadly, down pillows.

Believe it or not allergies chase us even in our sleep, during our most vulnerable moments. Down is taken from the young feathers of geese, and as it goes with us frail humans, if it's something that came from other animals, some of us are bound to be allergic to it.

This is why choosing hypoallergenic down pillows is the practical choice for sensitive but indulgent pillow-shoppers out there. Hypoallergenic pillows simulate real down with 100% polyester fiber fill. A hypoallergenic pillow is light, airy, luxuriously soft, allows for more breathing room. They are also quite sturdy, allowing for nominal support for your neck and head. In fact will it has all the capabilities of a regular pillow, only it will help you manage whatever allergies you have. There are many types of hypo allergenic pillows, catered to different allergies, so it's advisable that you determine which hypoallergenic pillow is best suited for your needs by consulting with your physician.

Admittedly, hypoallergenic pillows are a bit more costly than regular pillows but they are very much worth the extra pesos. Not only are you safe from possible allergies that may impede your rest, you also experience the comfort and support a good pillow can provide.

For a good night’s sleep, go for hypoallergenic. Sure there’s no way you’ll find money sewn under the casing but at least you’re assured of a restful sleep every night. And that, I firmly believe, is worth more than random encounters of small fortunes.