Wall color is one of the most important and fundamental features of home decor. The fact is, wall color is so important that if you pick a so-so color, the entire room design will look flat and featureless. On the other hand, if you decide to pick a very bold tone, it might overwhelm the overall look, or worst – shock your visitors. Another fact is, choosing the perfect color for your wall isn’t just difficult, it can also be horrifying!

The color you paint your wall also sets your mood. Yes, you read it right! Whether you are aware of it or not, certain colors promote emotions in either positive or negative ways. For example, a blue room help us to relax (that’s why most resorts paint their wall ocean blue) while yellow boosts our energy (not a supplement to your daily multi-vitamins, of course!).

The message is to make sure you chose the appropriate paint colors for the right room. Try not to color your bedroom sunshine-yellow since this is the room where you mostly relax - or your bathroom blazing red (I don’t think it would work).

Here are some palates of colors and their corresponding moods which you should consider the next time you plan to paint your walls:

  • Green – This color suggests balance, freshness and promotes emotional growth.
  • Blue – Cool, refreshing, relaxing. Promotes a feeling of peace and tranquility.
  • Orange – Exudes cheerful and promotes conversation. Also entices the appetite (those on diet, take note!).
  • Yellow – Cheerful, radiant and increases energy.
  • Purple – Soothing, spiritual. Generates mystery and intuition (for the clairvoyant).
  • Pink – Girly (don’t ask the author why, please), calming, and promotes socialization.
  • Red – Empowering, dramatic and passionate (guys, time to paint your wall red).
  • White – Exudes purity, unity and gives vigor to other colors when combined. If you ask me, white should be your last option. This can look very tired and bland if not combined with other colors.
  • Black – Use when you want to create an aura of authority, strength and independence. Or probably also when you want to go goth.

If you are still undecided, do not despair. Nowadays, most hardware shops mix colors based on your preference. You can even choose from an array of colors and the handyman will create your choice right before your very eye.

Tips: Make sure you get enough amount of paint of a certain color in one buying. This is because achieving the same color could be difficult and expensive at times. I learned this the hard way when we painted my best friend’s house in Paranaque – Jason’s place. The other part of the living room was painted a lighter shade of orange since we cannot achieve the original color. If I am not mistaken, we spent around Php 5,000.00 just painting the living room (and this should not be the case!).

DIY-ers, do not be afraid of colors. Colors are our friend most especially in home decorating. Just make sure that you know how to handle and work with the colors available. If you do not trust your judgment when it comes to color combination, seek second opinion or the help of professionals. Don’t be afraid to be daring and bold. As it is with life, we need to add color to the usual black and white we see day in and day out.