If we all have a choice we would all probably do not wish to tick the box where it says, “Clean the house”. Don’t we just despise doing this! I don’t know if you can relate, but I would rather Facebook or probably watch DVDs than clean the house. – Or for that matter the living room!

Since I am lazy doing these chores, I needed to make a research if there is any shortcuts or at least a faster way of cleaning the living room. Oh well, guess what? Here are some tips on how to clean your living room in thirty minutes or even less.

Start your timer…

  • Gather all the materials you need – broom, clean rug, wood polish, liquid cleanser and others that you normally use when cleaning the living room. Put them all in a container so it would be easier to carry them around.
  • Observe the room and collect all the items that do not belong to its proper place. If you find a pair of socks hanging on top of your ceiling fan, those are type of items you need to look for.
  • Dust of the couch and properly place the throw pillow to its proper place.
  • Wipe out all tables in sight and apply polisher when necessary.
  • Gather all magazines, newspaper and arrange them neatly.
  • Sweep the floor or vacuum it.

Some more tips:

  • Collect all the trash you collect on the table or floor and immediately place them inside the plastic garbage
  • If you still have enough time, vacuum the couch and all four corners of your ceiling.
  • If you are still motivated to clean some more, change the covers of your throw pillow. This will give you a better satisfaction that your living room is cleaner 30 minutes ago.
  • You can also replace your curtains for a much better feel.
  • Since all your cleaning items are inside a container, you do not have to make trips coming back and forth in returning them to their storage.
  • Remember the items you gathers that does not belong in the living room, well… this is the tricky part. It’s all up to you to return them to where they belong or you can just keep them first inside the bag. Just don’t forget to devout time to return them one day.
  • The last and easiest step I can give is to sit down and relax. Savor the moment of a cleaner living room done in only 30 minutes.

It is quick, isn’t it? This quick clean however only is applicable to be done once a week. Save this moment during those times when you don’t seem to have enough time. Do not forget that you still need to devout when to conduct the “grand cleaning”. There is no short cut in doing that.

If you have any request on quick cleans, just let me know. I’ll be more than happy to give you insights on how to make it easier and fun.