No self-respecting housewife should be without a home office. After all, home management is definitely an enterprise and deserves its own administrative center. Thus, every home, no matter what size, must have a home office.

In our house, the home office also serves as the repository of our communications, records/docket, finance and the human resources departments. In an ideal setting, a home office should have the following:*


  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Snail Mail


  • Importants Documents
  • Bills
  • Correspondences


  • Budget
  • Bill Payments
  • Price Book

Human Resources

  • Plans and Schedules
  • Calendar of Appointments

Here are some helpful tips on setting up your own Home Office:

  • SIZE DOESN’T ALWAYS MATTER. Your home office can be as big as a bedroom or as small as a mini-desk in a corner of the kitchen. What’s important is that you clearly delineate a space in your house as your nerve center.
  • LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. The location of your home office will depend heavily on the user and their working habits.
    • In my old home (before I got married), my home office was a large table where I can work unimpeded with lots of elbow space. I needed to refer to several books at once so the table was ideal.
    • If the home office will be used by several members of your family, it must be accessible to all at any time of the day. A spare bedroom or a corner in the kichen may be a good idea. Don’t put it in your bedroom if you don’t want to worry about someone needing to send or receive a fax while you’re taking your afternoon nap.
  • SPACE, THE FINAL FRONTIER. No matter how big the size of your home office, make sure you have enough space for your files and equipment. However, if space is limited, consider the following:
    • Minimized physical file folders by going digital;
    • Opt for a laptop over a desktop;
    • Get an all-in-one machine (printer-fax-photocopier-scanner-telephone-in-one).

Do you have a home office?

*Please feel free to adjust depending on your needs.