The calming psychological effects of living with and caring for plants are well documented, with some known to relieve anxiety, while there are herbs you can actually grow and consume to help reduce stress. Living in Avida condominium units shouldn’t stop you from indulging in the therapeutic pleasures that come with caring for some greens; in fact, this hobby can actually help you to destress from the pressures of modern life. Whether you’re looking to take care of delicate succulents, small trees, or even a mini herb garden for your kitchen, we’ve got tips to help you select which high rise gardening activity is best for you!

reduce stress

Wall Gardening
If you’re looking to save space, wall gardens are the way to go. As the name suggests, these are plant containers mounted on the wall and can be crafted from any sturdy frame, such as a vertical planter, old shelves, or even repurposed crates! You can plant flowers, vegetables, or even herbs right in the comfort of your own home to enjoy the refreshing colors and calming effect of having your plants nearby.

Indoor Water Gardening
Also known as aquatic gardening, this type of gardening substitutes water for soil and dirt, with the plant either partially or completely submerged in water. If you want to add further color to your display, and you have a big enough water garden, you can even try adding small fish. Of course, the bigger attraction here is when you add a motorized pump to keep the water running—you’ll hear the sounds of running water throughout the house. Science (and Feng Shui!) can attest to the naturally soothing effect the sound of running water has on our brains. 

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Container Gardening
For many condo dwellers, container gardening is ideal since it allows them to maintain their gardens in a manner that lets them adjust the placement of the plant to where they can be the most aesthetically pleasing—or simply to maximize available sunlight. When selecting a unit, you can check the best areas for your plants to be able to absorb the ideal morning and afternoon sun. Any sturdy container that can hold water and soil is ideal for this, such as recycled bottles, ice cream containers, or water jugs.

For something a bit easier to maintain, glass terrariums placed in strategic locations around your condo unit with small plants inside them can be just the thing to brighten the room and, consequently, your mood! Soil, stones, and pebbles are arranged to allow for a drainage layer for water to flow down to, rather than flood the plant. And speaking of plants, you’ll want to choose species that you can be sure will fit inside and not outgrow your chosen container.

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