Following on our piece on Why You Need to Declutter Now[1], here are Pursuit of Passion’s tips on how to get started on managing your space to maximize living!


Pick a shelf or a section of the house. Start there and work your way up to bigger areas. Before you know it, you’ll be done! The secret is to be consistent by setting aside a certain time of the week for your decluttering. Once you’ve made a habit of it, you’ll be seeing the fruits of your labor in no time.


A good way of deciding what needs to stay or go is to divide your belongings you encounter into one of three categories, namely, KEEP/STORE, GIVE AWAY/SELL, and TOSS. For TOSS, consider things like expired or damaged goods such as outdated magazines or worn-out clothing. For KEEP, limit it to things you’ve used in the last 6-12 months, moving non-essential items to the GIVE AWAY/SELL pile. For things you haven’t used recently, but can’t get rid of, such as photo albums, wedding dresses, and the like, consider putting them away to STORE. For larger items that need storing, you can rent out space at 24/7 facilities like StorageMart in Makati or Loc&Stor in Quezon City.


Take the 12-12-12 Challenge, wherein you set yourself the task of choosing 12 items to KEEP/STORE, 12 items to GIVE AWAY/SELL, and 12 items to TOSS. By the time you’re done, you’ll have removed 36 items, making a dent in your chore and helping you on your way to a decluttered living space!


With clothing more affordable than ever, people’s closets are chock full of barely-worn outfits taking up space. In America, for example, the average person disposes of 65 pounds of clothing a year. Instead of throwing clothes away, a more practical approach is to give some away to people you know would appreciate them. Otherwise, you can set up a gallery on OLX, eBay, or even your own social media, to highlight pre-loved pieces you’d like to sell.

If you’re torn on which clothes need to go, you can try the Closet Hanger Experiment popularized by Oprah Winfrey. In this Experiment, you place all your clothes in a certain section or hang them the opposite way from normal. Then, as you wear the clothes on a daily basis, place them in another area or hang them facing the regular way when you put them back in the closet. This way, you’ll be able to clearly see which clothes you actually use, and which ones are just taking up space.


For those items you need to toss, your building’s garbage chute may not be enough to accommodate things like multiple bags of household goods or bulky items. Fortunately, there are a number of waste disposal services that you can call, such as J.M. Santos Hauling Services or the appropriately-named Manila Junk Removal Service.

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