It’s been said that there is nothing as exciting and as terrifying as a blank page or canvas to work from, but we choose to go with the former as far as gussying up the walls of one’s condo goes. Thankfully, there’s more to decorating and adding life to a wall than just painting it or deciding what artwork or photos to put up. After all, art is an acquired taste, and the idea of hanging portraits, still lifes, or landscapes isn’t really for everybody. 

Here are some of Pursuit of Passion’s creative ways to customize that space!

Simple, colorful, and available in a variety of colors, Washi tape is a decorator’s dream for the number of looks you can get out of it. Washi tape is easy to obtain, easy to take down, and far more versatile than wallpaper as far as changing the look of a surface goes. You don’t even need to stop at walls, since you can use Washi tape in everything from touching up furniture to sprucing up your personal filing. 

Here are 37 Washi tape decorating projects anyone can try. 


Reclaimed or repurposed wood panels can add texture as well as character to your wall. By using wood sourced from demolition projects or other old structures’ floors, walls, and ceilings, you will be getting a quality far superior to today’s mass-produced planks or paneling. Also, because the wood will have had some years on it, you can be sure it’s sturdier and less prone to deformation, having been properly aged and boasting a tight, dense grain that younger trees wouldn’t have acquired yet. Finally, the best reason to use repurposed wood is the environmental aspect of recycling something that would otherwise have been thrown away. Many contractors and architects, such as Felix Zabala, have their own contacts for reclaimed or recycled wood that can be used for construction projects. If you’re not yet dealing with a contractor or architect, a great place to start searching for reclaimed wood suppliers is Kubular.


Say what you will about the inevitable demise of print in the face of digital—it’s undeniable that physical books still possess a degree of mystique and sophistication that reading off a tablet can’t quite measure up to. Show off your love for books by combining storage and creativity with these innovative shelving ideas. Because honestly, we all know it wouldn’t be anywhere near as visually appealing (or fun) to have a shelf full of Kindles!


In a past article, we talked about how painting artwork directly onto the wall can change the entire mood of a room while reflecting your personality, and we stand by it! The idea of having a mural done on the walls of your house could be something unusual, but it would definitely leave an impression on your visitors. Who knows? The color and energy of graffiti and beautifully painted murals could just be the dash of vibrancy, light and life that your home needs.


While we mentioned that there are options other than just applying a coat of paint to the wall, this is one entry on this list that actually calls for it. However, instead of coating the entire wall in one chosen color, you can spice things up by applying multiple hues in a striped pattern, giving variety and accent to the room’s overall tone. Here are some examples to get your creativity flowing!


Now, at first glance, the notion of wallpaper is only one step up from “boring” paint, seeing as you can only have one look at any given time. However, wallpapering techniques and wallpaper designs have come a long way since the monochromatic options of old. Current wallpaper designs feature bold, striking offerings that would go a long way in establishing the mood you wish to convey. From modern to paisley to old-fashioned floral, there’s a paper to suit every home and homeowner.


No need to go all out a la Stranger Things here, but sometimes, a simple string of lights or two can make the difference in giving your unit a cozy, homey feel. You’ll be surprised at the difference a strategically placed glow from a set of string lights can make. Check out these examples that show how you can use them in practically every room in the house.

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