Making sure you have enough R&R time is key to a healthy and balanced life.

Making sure you have enough R&R time is key to a healthy and balanced life.

Being healthy in both body and mind is not an effortless feat, it takes time and commitment to achieve a holistic wellness routine for you to achieve a balanced life.

Five times a week you have to face eight hours of work plus additional time spent in traffic which causes stress. Sometimes, things move too fast and it’s hard to keep up, making it physically and mentally draining. That’s why it’s important to find ways to unwind and recharge to keep a healthy, happy, and ready disposition to face another day with more energy and positivity.

Here are some few tips on how to recharge yourself for a healthier, more energized you.

Stir up the energy and power

 At least once every week, you need an outlet where you can wash out all the toxicity and negativity of a stressful week, and one of the best things to do to keep the body, mind and spirit healthy is to workout. Exercising not only helps keep the body fit but also releases happy hormones that will keep your good energy flowing, to get you ready for your week ahead. You can sign up for a nearby gym, such as Fitness First or Anytime Fitness, or even do simple exercises in the comfort of your own home.

Unplug to Recharge

Turn your good energy on by switching off your gadgets and staying away from technology even for just a day. Taking a step back by strolling in a nearby park, jogging or doing yoga or spending time with your family outside can help you feel more recharged not only physically but also mentally. Stay connected to the people around you and relish your surroundings by disconnecting yourself from the web for a while.

Pamper Yourself

Spending time alone or having some “me time” is important in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Giving yourself time to be alone with your thoughts to reflect, plan, and relax will help you become less restless and more at peace with yourself. Use time to heal; read a book, run a bath and listen to music, go to a spa and get a massage. Good places for an hour or two of pampering and relaxation include the Thai Royale Spa, Nuat Thai, or, for a full wellness experience, The Spa. Always remember to love and take care of yourself.

Eat Right

Before starting your work week, make a meal plan containing hearty meals you can bring to work. Wellness starts from within, and whatever you intake, affects not only your physical wellbeing but also your mental, psychological temperament. Head over to your local supermarket and get yourself some soul food that will make you feel healthier and lighter. For a difference, try buying a healthy snack like Popped Corn Chips from Healthy Options, instead of the usual unhealthy, processed potato chips. Believe it or not, vegetables can be versatile too. There are some veggies that you can include to almost any dish you make every day. Broccoli, for example, can be stir fried, topped in your baked potato, eaten raw with a homemade dip, added to your pasta or even in your omelets. Zucchini can also be turned into a scrumptious and healthy vegan lasagna or mini zucchini pizza.

There are a number of sites you can consult for suggestions and instructions on healthy and vegetarian food options, including, Country Living, and Cooking Light.

Get Involved

Opening yourself up to your community may help you in various ways. By strengthening good old friendships and nourishing new ones, you can improve your social skills, expand your circle of friends, and make new memories. This way, by getting more involved in community activities, you not only nurture friendships, you also improve your personal wellbeing. Volunteering in community projects, as well as giving back to the environment, allows you to find your center on the way to achieving a well-balanced life.

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