Imagine all the things you could do and all the time you can save. Isn’t it nice?

Imagine all the things you could do and all the time you can save. Isn’t it nice?

Nowadays, there are more employment options than ever, with technology making it that much easier to function away from any one location. Of course, at the end of the day, you need someplace to hang your hat (so to speak), or at least something to put on those calling cards you had printed out. At the end of the day, whether you work on your own or in an office, nothing beats the convenience of having your own place in the city.

Here are five reasons that will make you think about moving your workplace to your homebase:

The only traffic you can encounter is Internet traffic.

You get to avoid wasting time for your commute. It is a known truth that traffic can eat up a couple of hours from one’s day. You can only imagine all the rest you would be getting if only the time spent in traffic was time spent in bed instead. Working from home, you can avoid all the commute and get your work done in comfort.

There will be a surplus of that comfy feeling.

Everyone has their own brand of comfort when it comes to working. In an office setting, you are bound by the space allotted to you and the eyes watching how you get things done. Some people need the space to let the brain breathe. Working from home gives you unlimited space to move around and think. You can set-up your home office any way you like it. Also, being at home gives you the privilege to look any way you want to, sit any way you want to. At home, there are no limits for comfort.

You’re the boss.

Even if you actually have a boss to whom you report to, working from home provides the freedom to work on your own pace. Yes, there would still be deadlines to beat, but not having someone looking over your shoulder could lighten the pressure. This gives you a certain freedom to lie down or listen to loud music, things that are normally unacceptable in the office.

You can work in a stress-free environment.

Although it is undeniable that work is one of the main sources of pressure, doing it at home somehow lessens it. Imagine having to work with your cuddly pets snuggling beside you. That would be wonderful, right?

All the peace and quiet is yours.

Working from home means more rest, while also getting more things done. You accomplish a greater amount of work without being as exhausted as you would get in an office. You get to avoid all the unnecessary factors that will make it harder for you to focus. You get to hear your own brain. It is less tiresome, making you take fewer leaves because you don’t spend too much time in a toxic environment.

Of course, not every office is toxic, just as working from home isn’t for everyone, as it requires a certain self-discipline to get things done without anyone chasing or hounding you to complete your deliverables (i.e. You will need to assess if it’s the sort of thing you could handle).

If managed properly, however, working in your own safe haven in the city could make you do so much more while saving a lot of energy and money. Can you imagine all the work you can get done in a shorter amount of time? Imagine working overtime without worrying at all because you are already in a secure living space. Imagine all the things you could do with all the time saved, wouldn’t it be nice?