At the end of the day, you all just want to feel good – about yourselves, about your lives, about what you do.

At the end of the day, you all just want to feel good – about yourselves, about your lives, about what you do.

After a long day at work, you look forward to going home to your own personal space – a place where you can finally get a good night’s rest and recharge for the next day’s hustle. Some days can be a little bit exhausting that all you want to do upon going home is to just watch TV until you doze off, some days you feel you deserve a drink or two for a job well done.

The point is, no matter how the day turns out, it’s important to do something to make yourself feel good and recharged. After all, one bad day don’t make the rest of your days. While people have different ways of de-stressing, one thing is for sure: at the end of the day, it’s really all about feeling good and positive – about yourself, about your life, and about what you do.

How about you try a little experiment: for the next seven (7) days, try these simple, every day suggestions on how you can make yourself feel good at the comforts of your own space:

DAY 1. Wear the most comfortable shirt you own.

After a long day at work, take a good shower and put on the most comfortable shirt you have in your closet. It doesn’t matter if it is old and full of tiny holes. Just wear it and sleep tight in comfort.

DAY 2. Sing in the shower.

Got an LSS so bad, you took it home with you? Sing in the shower.

DAY 3. Look in the mirror and practice smiling.

It won’t be weird. Even Science says so. The act itself can make us feel better. Mix it up with positive thoughts, and let go of the things that worry you.

DAY 4. Take time to meditate

Meditation is proven to be a safe and simple way to balance emotional, physical and mental state. Plus, it also helps in boosting productivity at work!

DAY 5. Go for a run.

 It’s no secret that working out brings out happy hormones. Sweat it out – Release, burn the calories, and feel the happiness and confidence!

DAY 6. Invite your friends over and stay in.

It may be a departure from your usual night outs but spending quality time with your friends can be just as rewarding as painting the town red. Trade in the smoke, loud music and heels for quality time with your friends. Game night, wine sessions, or movie marathons, whatever suits your mood – what matters is you’ll be in your very own safe and secure place.

DAY 7. Spend time with your family. Pick a movie and order pizza.

Strengthen your relationship with your family and spend a couple of hours with them. It’s going to make you feel good.

Some of the good things in life do not come with a price. More often than not, happiness is all about perspective.

So, how was your week?

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