Whether you live in a Makati condominium like Avida Towers Asten, a high-rise in BGC such as West Gallery Place, a studio in Manila such as Avida Towers New Manila, or a home in NUVALI like Avida Southfield Settings Nuvali, the most important part of your house is your bedroom. This is your safe haven, your refuge from the outside world. When things get stressful after a long day, the best feeling in the world is coming home to an inviting, calming room.

Here are some tips to making your room a stress-free zone.

Make each day a staycation.

Make each day a staycation. Envision your favorite hotel. What is it about the hotel that is so relaxing? Is it the soft sheets and the cool temperature? Is it the spacious floor space and the plain walls? Aim to recreate that ambience. Your room should give you the same pleasure you get when you tuck into the smooth sheets of your hotel bed.

Get organized

Get organized. Before anything else, organize your room first. In feng shui, an organized room lets the chi flow through freely. Invest in matching bins to hideaway your clutter. Give everything its own place and try to keep things tidy.

Invest in a quality mattress

Invest in a quality mattress. If you are going to splurge on just one thing for your room, it should be your bed. Whether it is a memory foam, and airbed, or water bed, the quality of your mattress will determine the quality of your sleep. While you’re at it, get a set of high-thread count, matching sheets. Treat yourself!

Pick soothing colors.

Pick soothing colors. Soft, neutral colors are proven to promote a calming effect. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring, though. Try dark gray, blue-gray, soft green, or lavender. If you don’t have the budget to repaint your whole room – or if you’re renting and can’t make any permanent changes – introduce your soothing colors with curtains, comforters, and other accent pieces.

Turn the lights down low.

Turn the lights down low. A little mood lighting goes a long way. Think of the mellow lighting of a spa. However, be sure to have a few lamps to turn on for when you want to read. You might even want to try installing a light box that mimics sunlight. Getting some light therapy can give you a huge mood boost.

Bring some life into your room.

Bring some life into your room. In feng shui, plants introduce living energy into your room. Some studies even show that just seeing some lush greenery can significantly lower your blood pressure. Not a green thumb? You’re in luck because succulents are super popular now and they require very little care.

Don’t forget your other senses!

Don’t forget your other senses! Creating an ambience doesn’t just involve visual elements. Your room should cater to every sense. For a calming effect, burn some scented candles or essential oils. Pick a pretty reed diffuser from the wide range available that’s all the rage now. Aromatherapy has a lot of different effects. Lavender, chamomile, and jasmine are some of the scents that promote sleep. Further more, be sure that the temperature in your room is just right – not too cold and not too hot.

Eliminate distractions.

Eliminate distractions. There are studies that show that having a TV in your room can disturb your sleep – even when it’s turned off! So, if possible, get rid of your screen. Make your bed a gadget-free zone. Also, try to separate your workspace from your sleeping area. Your bed is a total stress-free zone.

Highlight the best parts of your room.

Highlight the best parts of your room. Maybe you have window with a beautiful view or nice high ceilings, or a statement piece. Make that the focal point of your room. Surround yourself with things that bring your joy.

Give yourself room to breathe. 

Give yourself room to breathe. Ultimately, try to embrace minimalism as much as you can. Let your over-stuffed brain unpack every time you come home to an organized room with everything in its place.