Having your first home or condominium unit is a milestone not everyone can have the fortune to experience, and once you do purchase it, your first order of business should be to decorate it. Designing your condominium unit gives your flat a sense of character—a personality that is truly unique to you which is why incorporating the design aspects and elements that you want is paramount. Designing a home can be an incredibly liberating experience, it allows you creative expression through the various implements you install in your homes.

However, as is the challenge of designing and decorating your first home, coming up with a decorating plan for your condominium unit can be quite difficult—especially when space limited. But you should not let your constraints in space become an obstacle to your creative potential in decorating your condo. Regardless of whether your unit is big or small, it is imperative for you to think out of the box and let your creativity and inventiveness flow. So, if you just bought your first condo in Avida Towers Cebu or elsewhere, here are a few tips and ways you can design it.

1.) Have a concrete plan

Prior to undertaking any design project, it is a smart idea to have a plan as to what model implements you are going to install as well as how you are going to execute them. Your plan serves as the blueprint for your design, and it ensures that you would come up with a seamless creation wherein all aspects of your decorations are harmonious. Proceeding with designing your unit sans a plan leaves a lot of room for disaster—not only will you be making rushed decisions and haphazardly executing them, but your final result would be a myriad of design elements without a unifying aspect. Furthermore, to enhance the overall design of a space, it would be ideal for you to have a theme, so that whenever you are lost, you can look back to this for reference. Have a concrete plan and manage the space that is available to you. In this way, your space is not only maximized but beautiful as well.

2.)  Put a graphic image on a door

One incredibly artsy idea to give your condominium units a whole lot of personality and character is to install a graphic image on a door—most preferably one that leads to a walk-in closet. Look at Pinterest for inspirational designs, or have an artistic image from a fashion magazine printed to fit your entire door. This design implement and installation is not only modern and chic; it is sophisticated and elegant as well. Those with small rooms can make this design aspect the focal point of the room and can base the other implements of the room from this wallpaper. Make an artistic statement with impressive custom-printed glass or wallpaper and bring any room to life.

3.) Hang a mirror

To avoid feeling cloistered and cramped in a limited space, open up the area by installing mirrors with attractive wall decals. Strategically placing mirrors all around the room can make any room seem larger, and for added effect, put the mirrors directly across windows which would allow naturally light to reflect and bounce off of them. However, be careful not to choose mirrors with drab and dreary designs as this may clash with the other design elements of a room or make it look dull. Additionally, the bigger your mirror is, the better as this would allow it to reflect more light into a space.

4.) Install floating shelves

One of the biggest drawbacks about owning a condominium unit is the apparent lack of storage areas. As a result, clutter is often seen about the place with boxes strewn in all over. However, one clever and nifty way to address this is to install floating shelves and place books, materials and even other design implements in them. Alternatively, you can opt for cabinets, bookcases, and armoires—but they tend to be bulky and would seemingly take up too much space. Furthermore, they can make rooms appear smaller than they originally are. Install floating shelves instead; it gives you a myriad of design options as well as function as a storage area.

5.) Opt for airy furniture pieces

While solid wood coffee tables and corner tables may look elegant and sophisticated, in a condominium unit, they can weigh down a space. Furthermore,  its bulk will make the space seem a lot smaller than it really is. Instead, choose airy pieces or furniture that look lightweight and do not seem to be heavy such as acrylic chairs or tables with open metal bases. In this way, not only does a room look more spacious and airier, but should you ever wish to redecorate or redesign, you can easily do so as these materials are easy to move around and would not be too heavy.

6.) Look for furniture that serves a dual function

Living in a condominium unit means to take advantage of the available space given to you without overwhelming it and making it feel too cramped. An excellent way to do this is to select furniture that would serve as a dual function—whether that may be decorative or functional is entirely up to you. A simple garden stool can act both as a spot to perch and an end table, while your ottoman can hold all of your remotes as well as transform into an extra seating. The possibilities are endless if you think creatively and out of the box.

7.) Opt for furniture with storage

Another excellent way to ensure storage never runs short in your homes is to sneakily have it through the form of furniture that comes with it. Instead of buying tables with no drawers, choose one that does and install coffee tables with shelves below and even benches and beds with drawers underneath. In this way, you can have a clutter free room and extra storage space for your belongings.

Whenever you have free time in your hands, decorate your condo and give it a touch of personality and character with the ingenious ideas above. Take this opportunity to let your homes be an artistic expression of you and the things that you do love.