“Most people see condo living as somewhere between owning your own home and renting an apartment, but it is more like owning your own home. There is a responsibility that each homeowner has, whether they accept it or not.” ~Jean Craig

Often hailed as the Queen City of the South and situated smack dab in the middle of the archipelago, there is a myriad of reasons that would make Cebu an incredibly livable city. Although considered as one of the most progressive regions in the country, do not let the fool you into thinking that Cebu is much like the capital as there is more than what meets the eye when it comes to this city.

From the powdery white sand beaches of the south, the hustle and bustle of city living at its center to the mountainsides by the North, Cebu is an eclectic mix of city and provincial living. So much so that residing in Cebu can be considered as having the best of both worlds—namely being at the front and center of a progressive city life, and having the perks of tropical and country living.

In a sense, living in Cebu gives you a feeling of being on perpetual vacation—you work during the week and enjoy a mini vacation by the weekend. Whether that may be a visit to one of the pristine beaches Cebu has to offer, or a trek to the breathtaking mountain sights is entirely up to you—all of which are in proximity to the city (taking you no more than a three-hour bus travel depending on where you want to go).

Indeed, living in Cebu is an ideal avenue for work and play which is perfect for young professionals seeking to build a career, foreign expats looking for a place to relax and retirees who just want to enjoy the rest of their days.

It is precisely for this reason that the housing market in Cebu has seen a definite boom over the years. With housing developments such as condominium towers rising in almost every nook and cranny of the city, individuals who are seeking to establish a life in Cebu need not look far as some of these developments are still being built and erected in fact.

One of the recent developments made, Avida Towers Cebu, is located in the heart of the city which gives its homeowners ease of access to entertainment hubs, offices, and schools. Apart from the convenience afforded to unit owners, here are other reasons why this residence should be your premier choice in choosing a condominium unit in Cebu.

  • Ease of access
Avenue for exercise and healthy living

Avida Towers Cebu is located in Lahug, Cebu City. To be precise, it is situated within Cebu's Asiatown I.T Park, one of the city's most bustling areas. Living at the heart of the city means that everywhere is accessible to you—from major malls to office spaces, it would take you no more than a single ride or a fifteen-minute drive (weather and traffic permitting of course). Furthermore, if you do not feel like commuting or driving at all, you can simply just go for a walk as the general vicinity of Asiatown I.T Park would already offer its patrons an array of restaurants, convenience stores, and even a supermarket is soon to rise.

  • Avenue for exercise and healthy living
 Highly-secured area

Amenities offered by Avida Towers Cebu would include a swimming pool and a gym, but if you want to diversify your workout routine, you can also avail of the services offered by Metrosports Cebu which is located across Asiatown I.T. Park. Apart from the gym facilities, Metrosports Cebu also offers its patrons other unique avenues for exercise such as badminton and wall climbing. Furthermore, Metrosports Cebu also offers boxing classes and sessions to interested patrons at their topmost floor. And the best part of all of this is, considering Metrosports Cebu is just right across Asiatown I.T Park, residents can opt to jog or walk to the facility which would further reinforce their healthy living activities. Alternatively, you can jog around Asiatown I.T Park which is a secure place for joggers to have their morning or evening jog.

  • Highly-secured area
A slice of nature in the midst of the city

No doubt Avida Towers Cebu would come with a twenty-four security and surveillance team to ensure the safety of their homeowners. But apart from the strict security the condominium developer enforces and guarantees, homeowners can expect the same level of protection to extend beyond the four walls of their unit and condominium tower. In fact, you can expect the security to extend to Asiatown I.T Park which is known to have security guards roving around the place 24/7. This is because it is located in a premier commercial zone where people are expected to converge. For this reason, security is tightened. So, if you are a proud owner of a unit in Avida Towers, you can enjoy safety and security not only within the confines of your home but your entire neighborhood as well which would do wonders for your peace of mind.

  • A slice of nature in the midst of the city
Perfect for child-rearing and starting a family

Living here might put you right in the middle of the city, but you would not know that from your condominium unit. The design aspect of this condominium development has made sure to incorporate nature into its exteriors as well as its interiors that being in the midst of the city is not so readily apparent from the condominium. Unit owners can expect a garden area with maximized green area and open spaces with lush greenery where they can quickly relax and take in the sights of nature. If you are looking for the perfect way to wrap up your long day, spend a few minutes by the garden and clear your mind.

  • Perfect for child-rearing and starting a family

Newlyweds who are looking to start a family would be pleased to find that Avida Towers Cebu is the perfect startup home. Its ideal location complemented with a set of facilities and amenities that only top notch hotels can rival make it an ideal housing option—especially for families who are raising children. Not only does the condominium development include a playground and swimming pool where your children can potentially play, but the security it affords coupled with the welcoming neighborhood assures you and your kids of a better welfare.

Indeed, life living at this condo is so much better—the ease of access, the general security, the overall neighborhood, in general, would fit and suit just about any lifestyle there is. So, if you are on the scout in looking for the best place in Cebu to live, you might want to check Avida Towers Cebu where condo living is not only a manner of living but a lifestyle and an experience as well.