Soon, you will be or you are probably thinking to move in a unit in Avida Towers Centera. You can transfer the things you have back at your previous house but what are the other pieces of furniture, appliances, and things that you should have in your new place? Have you spared some time to think about how your future home or unit in Avida Towers Centera would look like?

To help you with that, aside from the usual bed and TV, here are some of the essential things that you should have in your next place aka unit in Avida Towers Centera.

Comfortable sofa

The important thing to note is that your sofa should be comfortable and fit to your place - size-wise, aesthetically and “vibes” speaking. Maybe you think that the couch you are eyeing at is fluffy and comfy, but it doesn’t seem to go well with your unit, you might want to reconsider another sofa. An advantage of having a couch, especially if it’s large, your visitors can take a nap there or sleep overnight. Why not if it’s comfy, right?



Two armchairs might do for a small size condo unit. Armchairs or seats with arm rest are perfect if you are usually inviting individuals for a chat or even for a formal meeting at your place. Armchairs are relaxing especially to your arms and the reason is pretty much obvious. It also projects a different vibe in your house. You can also place a cozy armchair beside your bed.

Stack of stools or extra chairs

This is a must-have primally if your armchairs or sofa can only accommodate a few people. Your stools or chairs may not be as extravagant as these are for emergency purposes only. But if you want to have it posh, it’s okay. These extra seats are also good for other use such as when you are cleaning your ceiling and can’t reach it, and you have a lightweight and movable chair.

Coffee table

Aside from inviting your colleagues for a quick chat over a coffee table (and on not your big dining table), you can also put your phone and other trinkets over there. It’s easy to see, so you won’t probably forget that you left it on your coffee table.

Bookshelf or shelf in general 

Bookshelf or shelf in general 

Shelves are further okay if it can stand vertically or horizontally so in case you want to move your furniture and redesign your unit, you have an option on how to place your shelf. Moreover, shelves save space and multi-purpose. Aside from setting books and magazine, you can put pictures, bags (somewhere on the lower sections), and anything that you think can do well on a shelf.

Storage shelf under your bed

If your bed has a gap underneath, it’s good to consider placing a storage shelf. Some have a pull-out bed under which is also good, but if you have enough bed and mattress, storage shelf is better. It can be in the form of box or cabinet or drawer style pull-out storage. Place your pair of shoes, your CDs and DVDs, and whatnot.

Extra mattress

This is an essential if you love inviting friends for a slumber party. If not a mattress, a good mat or banig will also do. Again, it should be as homey as your bed or at least with your sofa. You don’t want to let your visitors feel the coldness of your tiles or floor, right?

Throw pillows

Throw pillows

Throw pillows are always with the sofa and armchairs as well. These are good, so the kids can snuggle something when they feel to. But don’t buy too many throw pillows as it will crowd up your unit.

Full body mirror

A full body or simply a big mirror is a necessity. Apart from letting you have a good view on how you look, if placed appropriately in your unit, it can make your place look bigger.


Lamps are a good addition to give you a certain vibe at home. If you don’t have mood lights installed, lamps with similar shade are also great. If small, you can place it on your coffee table and if it’s big, maybe beside the sofa or the coffee table. Your choice.



Painting, sketch, cross-stitch work, photograph - whatever it is, hang it, place it on a shelf or table. It’s not for you to look smart and artsy but for your unit to look more elegant and have a bit of art.


Your houseplant can be a regular low-maintenance one, herb or fruit-bearing. Just make sure that you’d be able to keep them alive and lively. Remember, these plants should be able to complement your place and not make it look like an abandoned forest or garden.

And here are the “extras” that you might want to consider for your home to be unique and special.

Beach sand under your work desk

This is a good deal if you spend most of your time working on your desk and if you like the feel of the beach sand. Make sure to place a mat right beside it, so the sand won’t mess up your entire place.

Converting one of your doors to be a ping pong door

Are you a ping pong enthusiast? Why not have one of your doors to be a ping pong table? Carefully choose which door you will be altering. Consider which doesn’t lead to glasswares and other sensitive appliances. You want to play, but you don’t want to damage your other things at home.

Hammock over your stairs

If your unit is big and has stairs, you should look into having a hammock over there. It looks good, and you’d also feel great. Make sure to have it installed properly to avoid any accidents. Hammock over stairs also saves space instead of hanging it somewhere down.

Feel free to design and decorate your unit your way. We wish that your moving in will be as exciting as ever and this short list of recommendations helped you!