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BellaVita Capas is within Mac Arthur Highway in Barangay Estrada, Capas, Tarlac City. BellaVita Capas has so much to offer to its homeowners. There are numerous sites and to visit. Mount Pinatubo is an attraction that people can also view. BellaVita homeowners can go trekking and become mountaineers while visiting it. There are other mountains such as Mt. Telakawa and Mt. Canouman while there are springs like Bueno Hot Springs and Tambo Lake nearby. BellaVita Capas is the first purely-socialized housing development of BellaVita in Northern Luzon. The property sits atop 5 hectares of land area, with each cluster of homes contsisting of only 3 to 6 units. These residential units are designed to enjoy benefits of natural light and ventilation, boasting generously sized open space layouts and wide open views. The site is ideally located 8 kms from Tarlac City, 6 kms from Capas town proper and 12 kms away from SCTEX Luisita exit.

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